Smart iPet Robots: Tips, Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the iPet Robot and the normal dog camera?

The normal dog camera cannot move around but sit in a fixed place. Its camera gives you a limited view, so you cannot see your fur baby in the corner of your house or in other rooms. While iPet Robot can allow you to check every place in your house (with WiFi network).

It's more than a robot. iPet serves like a pet friend and companion. It can play with your pet by running around the room, interacting, teasing with a laser pointer, and dispensing treats. It creates a world of interaction, fun, stimulation, and companionship that helps your pet to thrive, keeps their body strong and healthy, and stimulates their mind.

Can it swerve around corners? Will it be stuck in the corner?

Yes, it can swerve around corners. Simply control with the App to make it move forward or backward, left or right. Moreover, it is able to clamber up over obstacles as high as 0.6in. iPet can easily handle thresholds, thin carpets, and other low barriers.

Does the App support remote controlling by multiple family members?

In the authorization page of the App, you can authorize up to five members to use the device. Just download the Dogness App, and after a few simple steps of authorization, your friends and family members can remotely control the iPet.

Will the photos and videos I took via the App store in the cloud? Are my data security and privacy safe?

Dogness App has no cloud storage. All data is local on your phone. All camera visuals are only livestreamed and the data is only stored if the users choose to manually store it on their phone.

What is the camera resolution?

1280x720 HD, it has a 165 degree auto iris camera day/night.

Am I able to view through the camera on the phone while outside the country?

Yes, as long as the WiFi you have assigned to the DOGNESS Automatic Pet Feeder is working properly, it should work outside of the USA.

What type of voltage does the machine use?

The adapter came with it can be used from 100-240v.

Is there any way to turn off the camera or know when the camera is filming?

The camera will only film when you press the film icon. This device is not autonomous with taking pictures and videos.

How do I update the WiFi information after purchasing a new router?

There is a white button on the right side of the feeder, about half way up. This button will reset the Wi-Fi.