Water Fountains: Tips, Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Smart Fountain For Dog and For Cat?

Regarding the differences in water requirements and drinking habits between cats and dogs, we specially designed two different water fountains for them. The Smart Fountain For Dog with 2L capacity can meet a week's worth of water drinking requirement for large doggies.

Cats don't drink much water in comparison to dogs. So, the Smart Fountain for Cat with 1L capacity is enough for a week's worth of water drinking requirement for them. And the 13° tilt design makes it easy to drink and won't wet its chin.

Does the filtration system of this fountain really work?

Of course it works. The multiple filtration system can effectively catch pet's hair and debris in water. And the activated carbon filter helps to remove chlorine heavy metals and odors from water.

How can a small pump like that creates good water flow through the filters?

The pump only sends the water up to the fountain. The water then gets filtered as it seeps back down into the reservoir. My cats started using this the first day and no longer try and drink water from our bathroom sink or tub!

How often do the filters need to be changed?

For the sake of the water qualtiy and your pet's health, we suggest you replace the filter every three months. When you need to replace them, please go to our Dogness store where we offer exclusive filters for this fountain.

How to clean the water fountain?

Cleaning the water fountain is essential for the longevity of the fountain. Please clean the fountain at least every 2 weeks. The easily disassemble design makes cleaning easy. No crevices, and the fountain is dishwasher-safe.

What type of voltage does the machine use?

The adapter came with it can be used from 100-240v.

Does the fountain shut down if water level is too low?

No, gotta revamp the water every week at the least, more if it's hot out. You'll hear the pump struggling when it's low on water. DON'T let it keep running, you'll burn out the pump!

Is there a night light?

Yes, the fountain has an LED built in, so you can clearly see the water level.

Does the pump runs all the time? Or it would rest?

The pump runs all the time, 24-7. It is an ultra quiet pump that does have two controls for low speed flow and high speed flow.

You need to pay attention to the stream to see when the pet has drunk the water off. Please change water once a week as much as possible, it’s good for your pets and the fountain.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, it comes apart very easily and you just wash it out with dish soap and warm water.