Smart Feeders: Tips, Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this feeder change your pet's life?

Do you worry about the feeding problem when you leave your pet home alone? We do too, which is why we designed this smart cam feeder to provide peace of mind for your pet's life. Not only can you easily customize the feeding plan anytime anywhere, but you can accompany them via the HD camera and the mic.

It’s truly different from anything you’ve ever tried before. Not trust us? Buy it and let your doggy try it on for 30 days, then you will know.

Does the feeder keep the food fresh?

The food storage compartment is designed with sealed technique and a moisture-proof desiccant placed inside the top cover to ensure the pet food is as fresh as it might be in the bag it comes in. But we suggest you replace the pet food at least every two weeks so that your pet can eat the most delicious and fresh food.

If WiFi connectivity is lost or disabled, can this feeder operate via a digitally programmable schedule?

Yes, even if the feeder lost WiFi connection, or you lose power at home, you can add the D-cell alkaline backup batteries in it. That way, your feedings will continue as scheduled. But the camera and wifi do not work alone on batteries.

Does the App support remote feeding by multiple family members?

In the authorization page of the App, you can authorize up to five members to use the device. Just download the Dogness App, and after a few simple steps of authorization, your friends and family members can remotely feed your pet.

Will the photos and videos I took via the App store in the cloud? Are my data security and privacy safe?

Dogness App has no cloud storage. All data is local on your phone. All camera visuals are only livestreamed and the data is only stored if the users choose to manually store it on their phone.

What are the differences among the Smart Cam Feeder, the Smart App Feeder, and the Programmable Feeder?

The Smart Cam Feeder is the most functional feeder - also the only one feeder with an HD camera. You can customize the feeding plan via the APP to feed your doggy remotely when you're at work. You can also see, talk, and interact with your dog to eliminate its loneliness and restlessness when you’re away.

Compared with the Smart Cam Feeder, the Smart App Feeder is less interactive because it lacks a camera and a mic. But it can still allow you to schedule meals up to six times per day for your four-legged sweetheart to keep up its healthy feeding routine no matter what time it is or where you are.

The Programmable Feeder is the most intuitive and cost-effective one. After simply setting up, you can schedule meals up to four times per day for your fur baby.

Does the app notify you if the food reservoir is running low?

Yes it does, once the food is running low there is a warning that will show on you App on the phone. We suggest to avoid this to make sure your pets always have their meals, but it does warn once the reservoir is low.

Sometimes my dog doesn't eat all her food, will this be able to detect how much food is left before dispensing? Or will it overflow?

The feeder does not have the ability to detect the amount of food your pet eats. Thus, left over food will remain in the collection trap. When that’s occurs, I just put the excess food back in the hopper to stay fresh for future feedings.

What is the camera resolution?

1280x720 HD it has a 165 degree auto iris camera day/night.

Am I able to view through the camera on the phone while outside the country?

Yes, as long as the WiFi you have assigned to the DOGNESS Automatic Pet Feeder is working properly, it should work outside of the USA.

How long does tie last on battery mode?

Depends on how open the power outage going to be. It could last 4-7 days on battery mode. And remember to turn on the battery button switch in the bottom.

Only feeding function going to work, camera and two way video won't work on battery mode.

Are the parts dishwasher safe to allow for cleaning?

The answer is YES. The hopper can be taken out & is made of plastic, the food trays (plastic & metal) can be removed also.

Will this work with large kibble?

Yes, it works great with larger kibble. Its been fantastic with Wellness Core Large Breed dog food so far which is pretty large for kibble, and have had no issues with jamming at all.

What type of voltage does the machine use?

The adapter came with it can be used from 100-240v. You can also connect with an 5V 1A USB port.

Is there any way to turn off the camera or know when the camera is filming?

The camera will only film when you press the film icon. This device is not autonomous with taking pictures and videos.

How to reset the machine?

Push and hold the feeding button until you heard the beep, it should reset the wireless connection.

How do I update the WiFi information after purchasing a new router?

There is a white button on the right side of the feeder about half way up. This button will reset the Wi-Fi.