Should You Buy a Smart Water Fountain for Your Cat?

Should You Buy a Smart Water Fountain for Your Cat?

Should You Buy a Smart Water Fountain for Your Cat?

Do you notice that your cat refuses to drink from a water bowl? Has your cat ever suffered from urinary tract problems or kidney disease due to dehydration?

Cats are desert animals by nature and they have a low thirst drive. However, if they can't get enough moisture, they could be chronically dehydrated, which can cause illnesses.

A water fountain might be a great solution. I'm going to show you the reasons a smart water fountain is good for cats.

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A Cautionary Tale: Melody, a dehydrated cat, suffered from a blocked urethra.

If you want your cat to stay hydrated and healthy at all times, then listen to the story of my friend Karen Smith, pet parent of Melody.

Karen used to just use a regular water bowl and he always replaced the water once a day. But despite refilling fresh water, Melody still had a low thirst drive and drank very little water from the bowl, Karen told me.

Last year, he caught Melody struggling to urinate in her litter box, but no urine came out, and she started crying out in pain. Karen then took her to the emergency vet.


The diagnosis was a urinary blockage.

Some small crystals and stones were lodged within her urethra. One of the reasons is that Melody didn’t typically drink water or not drink enough water. If not treated immediately, her bladder could eventually rupture and this would lead to death.


Thankfully, Melody was treated in time.

The vet told Karen that if cats have blocked once, they would be at high risk for reblocking. The best precaution was sufficient water intake. A well-hydrated cat is less likely to suffer from urinary issues.


Seeking ways but nothing worked.

Since then, my friend started seeking ways to let Melody drink more water. He tried to place different water bowls in the house and replaced the water more frequently, but nothing worked. Melody showed no interest in these bowls.

Then Karen came across an amazing breakthrough that changed his life forever. After a few weeks of using this breakthrough, Melody obviously drank more water and urinate normally.

Karen's Secret

So, what was this breakthrough that helped Melody drink more? Believe it or not, it's water fountains. Yes, it's a Smart Water Fountain.

Karen noticed that Melody always jumped on the counter to try to get a drink from the faucet or lick up water. Karen soon realized that his cat likes running water or a fresher source than the water in her bowl.

With that in mind, Karen got his cat a Dogness Smart Fountain which provided a continuously running water to entice her to drink more.

At first, Melody watched the stream for a while and then started drinking. Up to now, Melody hasn't suffered from blocked urethra. She gets a lot more water into her with the fountain.

Reasons Smart Water Fountains Are Good for Cats

There are several reasons why having a water fountain available for your cat might be a great idea. Take the Dogness Smart Fountain for example, it helps:

Entice cats to drink more

Cats like running water. Our Dogness fountain features an ever-flowing stream that is more attractive to cats and lets them drink more. It also prevents bacteria growth and adds more oxygen to the water for freshness.

Avoid wetting cat's whiskers

Cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched. Dogness water fountain is ergonomically crafted with a 13° tilt design to keep your cat’s whiskers untouched for a comfortable, stress-free drinking experience.

It also helps develop a hygienic drinking habit, and doesn't cause a chin rash.

Filter out impurities and remove bad odors

Cats are extremely sensitive to tastes and odors, and that can negatively impact how much water they drink.

Our water fountain contains two-stage replaceable carbon and nano filters to screen any harmful impurities, remove bad tastes and odors, and ensures safer, cleaner and fresher drinking water for your cat.

Save time and effort refilling a bowl regularly.

Our fountain comes with a 1 litre water reservoir means you don't have to add water frequently. And it's easy to disassemble and clean. So, this is exactly what you need to save time and effort refilling or cleaning a bowl regularly.

In all of the above, a water fountain is a great addition to your home. If you're looking at a smart water fountain for your kitty, our Dogness Smart Fountain for cats is a decent option. It’s pretty intriguing, very simple, extremely quiet, and fairly affordable.

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