Stuck Inside? These 5 Fun Indoor Games Will Keep Your Dog (and You) Stimulated

Stuck Inside? These 5 Fun Indoor Games Will Keep Your Dog (and You) Stimulated

Stuck Inside? These 5 Fun Indoor Games Will Keep Your Dog (and You) Stimulated

Stuck inside with your dog due to coronavirus?

No going out for walk. No traveling. No dancing parties... 

We are all bored at home during this unsettling time.

Even dogs are getting bored in quarantines too...

Don’t let it spoil your fun. Being indoors is every bit as fun as being outdoors.

Try out these fun indoor games you can play to mentally stimulate your dog and yourself!

1. Tug of War

Tug of war is fun and engaging game to play indoors. It's a good way for dogs to exercise themself and to teach them to drop a toy on command.

  • Let your dog to take the toy by shaking it around on the ground and say "Get it".
  • Once your dog has the toy, tug on the toy for a few seconds while saying "tug".
  • When you are ready to turn the game off, say "Drop It", and freeze your hands and arms stiff until the dog let’s go of the toy.
  • As soon as the dog lets go of the toy either cue your dog to sit or simply wait for them to sit.
  • When your dog sits, repeat from step 1.

Letting your dog win makes them want to play even more. You and your pup will have a fun time together tugging and pulling.

Before you start, remember to follow this basic rule: If your dog starts mouthing you, it's time to stop the game.

2. Fetch

Playing fetch indoors can add some excitement to these long days and can relieve stress for both you and your dog.

With a long corridor or a spacious living room, you can also play fetch at home.

  • Show your dog the toy to get him excited.
  • Throw the toy, and say "get it!" Encourage him to fetch it.
  • When he brings the toy back but won't let you have it, say "Drop it."
  • Then praise him profusely and throw the toy again.

You can do it up and down the stairs, or throw it down the hallway. Wherever you play, make sure that you do this on non-slip surfaces to avoid injury.

Make sure you use soft toys like rolling up a pair of socks rather than a tennis ball (in case it bounces to damage any valuables).

3. Hide and Seek

Kids love to play this game. It can also be fun to play with your dog. It's good for both the dog's body and brain because they willl have to think and walk around to search for you.

Starting out is pretty easy:

  • Tell your dog to sit in a room.
  • Find a hiding space where your dog cannot see you but can hear you such as behind the furniture, behind a curtain, behind a door, etc.
  • Call your dog.
  • Reward them when they've figured out where you are.

Your dog will use his ears and nose to seek you out. This is also a great way to reinforce your dog for coming to you when called. You can change the hiding places each time to keep the game interesting.

To play successfully, your dog will have to understand basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come.

4. Find the Treats

While all dogs have a great sense of smell, this game using their nose to find things is great for their body and mind.

You can use your dog’s favorite treats, a toy, whatever works.

  • Tell your dog to sit or stay out of sight.
  • Hide the treats or toys around the home.
  • Ask your dog excitedly to “Find it!” and encourage him to sniff out the treats.
  • Praise and congratulate him on his discovery.
  • Then, start all over again.

This game helps burn off energy and keep his brain and body engaged and, most importantly, is a lot of fun!

Make the hiding places easy at first. As your dog's scent work improves, be sure to increase the challenge.

5. Obstacle Course

This doesn’t need to involve expensive equipment to set up. You can just use the common household objects such as boxes, chairs, pillows, and even stack books.

  • Tunnel: Line up two rows of chairs back-to-back to create a tunnel for your dog to run through.
  • Hurdle: Grab a rolled-up blanket or a small foot stool as hurdles. Then use treats to encourage your dog to jump over them.  
  • Zig zag obstacle: Set up a row of small obstacles on the ground, like boxes, chairs, or books. Let your dog zig zag through the obstacles all the way down the line.
  • Put all together: Put all these basic obstacle ideas together into a full indoor dog obstacle course.

Reward your dog with lots of praise each time your dog gets through the obstacles. This is bound to provide endless fun for you and your dog.

Remember to change up the obstacle course occasionally to keep your dog from getting bored of it.

Being cooped up inside can be boring and tiresome for both you and your pooch. Remember to spend time and enjoy moments with your pets and family during this time.

What are your dogs favorite games? Which games your dog prefer playing?

Do you think playing games with your dog is great way to bond with your dog?

What else you like to do with your dog while being stuck at home?

As always, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope that your pet and you will stay entertained and happy during quarantine. Keep it fun and keep it active, but most of all – keep it safe.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay together with your pet.

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