Tips on Helping Your Pet Warm up to Smart Cam Feeder

Tips on Helping Your Pet Warm up to Smart Cam Feeder

Tips on Helping Your Pet Warm up to Smart Cam Feeder

Run into a snag while introducing your pet to the Dogness Smart Cam Feeder?

Did your pet get scared? Or shy? Or more annoyed than excited?

Pets' first reactions to the Smart Cam Feeder may vary due to age, mood, health conditions, or past experiences.

Sometimes they just need time to get accustomed to new things.

Read on to learn tips and tricks on how to introduce your pet with the feeder!

3 Tips to Introduce the Smart Cam Feeder to Your Pet

The first time your dog is around the Smart Cam Feeder, it will be scared of it. It's normal since it's something new for him.

You can follow these simple tips to help your pet warm up with it! If it doesn’t work the first time, please keep trying.

#1 Talk to them!

Some pets are more sensitive to sounds than others. You can set up a pre-recorded voice for each meal time to get your pet familiar. The voice will play every time the food drops.

That way, you teach your dog that the sound made from the feeder means that they're about to get a meal.

Talk to them from distance where your pet can see you speaking into your phone, so he will pair the feeder voice with your familiar voice.

Once they get used to the sound, hearing your voice won't be so scary anymore.

#2 Desensitize them!

Put the smart feeder next to your pet's original food bowl. Let your dog give it a sniff and have constant access to it.

Feed from the traditional bowl but occasionally add their favourite treats to the smart feeder. When your pet gets used to it, you can remove his original food bowl.

#3 Now feed them with the Dogness APP remotely!

You can sit next to the device and dispense food using the remote feature through your smart phone.

Then you go to another room, tap the microphone button and call your pet over to the feeder.

After a combination of training sessions, you pet will begin to trust it and recognise your voice through the device.

The first time food comes out, your pet would eat out of the tray. And after that, he may sit in front of the feeder for a long time waiting for more food to come out.

Just leave him alone! In a few days, he will guadually follow the feeding routine. Then you can finally escape the morning "food call" from your pet!

If you don't know how to use the feeder, watch this video here for set-up instructions and tips:

Here's How Some of Our Users Introduced the Smart Cam Feeder to the Pack!

“Make the most out of the speaker! Record your voice for each meal plan to get them familiar. Talk to them while you are away, introduce them to this new buddy."

Paula Harrison


“Leave the smart feeder next to their original food bowls. Feed from the traditional bowl but occasionally add their favourite treat to the smart feeder."

Harper West

Hope these tips help your little guy transition! It takes time for your pet to familiarize with the Smart Cam Feeder, don't be discouraged. With a little bit of patience, your pet will be in love with the feeder in no time.

If you have any question or advice, feel free to leave a comment. As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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